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Alive and its parent company, ColedanSA (PTY) Ltd will not take responsibility for this product being incorrectly used. All information is given freely and is not in any way intended to replace or negate medication and/or guidance from a registered healthcare practitioner. If you are pregnant please contact a registered healthcare practitioner before use.

About Us

Alive was founded by Colette Murphy with only one thing in mind: to make life better through the supply of simple and affordable health and well-being products that really work! Our first product is French Green Clay, a centuries old healing tool previously unavailable, in it's purest form, in South Africa. This product has so many beneficial uses and we hope that you enjoy it.

Alive is dedicated to finding and supplying only the best products which are ethically produced from around our globe and look forward to continually bringing you some new and exciting ways to better your health naturally.

I grew up in a time where convenience and highly processed foods became popular and whilst my peers had refrigerators filled with processed cheeses and frozen pre-cooked TV dinners, the home in which I lived contained ingredients that were a far cry different. My mother was taught at a very young age about the benefits of healthy living from a nutritionist in Switzerland. We had a permanent supply of fresh sprouts growing on the kitchens windowsill and a pot of fresh Thyme Tea on the counter. She pressed juices instead of pouring them from a carton and cooked meals that my friends were completely unfamiliar with. ‘What are lentils’ they would ask? I was also brought up with homeopathic remedies over allopathic medicines. At the time I did not know the value of such an education, but grew to understand the importance of her knowledge and have since applied it in my adult life, now passing it on to my own children and others interested. I deem myself privileged to have had such an upbringing and also inherited a thirst for knowledge on the benefits nature can provide. At this point in my life I find myself acutely aware of the fact that people are finally pulling away from allopathic intervention and leaning toward natural cures and prevention.

In light of my upbringing it makes sense that my professional career took a path of offering natural products to the general public of South Africa, understanding the importance of educating as many people as I can possibly reach with the knowledge I inherited and gain on a daily basis. I seek new information daily and delight in the fact that we seem to be living in a time of awareness that the world needs to move away from chemical process and toward natural remedy – and fast. I allow myself time on a daily basis to do research and gain more information than I had the day before. The natural world is revealing its wonders more so now than in recent centuries and I celebrate the fact that, of this, I will always be a student and teacher, passing on the knowledge I gain.

My business began with offering French Green Clay to the South African market. This too was a product that I grew up with. My mother used it on her children, on herself and on our animals. I took it for granted as one of those things in our ‘alternative medical cabinet’ that fixed just about everything and was always available when needed. Much later on, having moved far away from my mother and finding myself trying to find it in local health shops or pharmacies in South Africa, I realized that this miraculous clay I knew so well was something I could no longer take for granted, for it was impossible to find. Many similar types of clay were available but none which held such strength as the clay from the mines in France that I was familiar with, and so it was at this point that I knew I needed to import it into South Africa and share its beauty with my fellow South Africans.  It was no easy task at first to teach people about the benefits of such a product. Those accustomed to cures in the form of pills with unpronounceable names is acceptable and followed blindly, but to believe that mud can contain trace elements and minerals that are essential to our wellbeing and that it is able to work as a natural anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and analgesic to name just a few of its benefits, was rather difficult for most to accept – even though time and scientific case studies support these claims. Alas, the effort to share this information and get people to give it a try finally proved successful and I so enjoy hearing peoples success stories when they use the clay.

My company Alive Products is at a point of strength to expand. Within the next few months I wish to align myself with another like-minded company and bring an array of products to the South African market that are ethically manufactured, organic and serve to cure and prevent dis-ease and dis-comfort. With the right knowledge and pure organic products easily available we will be able to live healthier lives and then go on to further educate our youth of this exciting turn back in time toward nature and hopefully turn our backs completely, in the nearest future possible, on harmful processed & modified products / medicines that have been fed to us to make us ill instead of better. We are all capable of becoming this better future by having the right products available to us with the right unveiled & unadulterated information at our fingertips. My personal mission with my company Alive Products is to facilitate this process and allow everyone the wonderful gift of feeling ALIVE with what I bring and offer.

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